China: more than 600 million PC & mobile netizens
  • Cleantech

    China: 70% electricity coming from coal-fired power plant with remaining coal reserves for 34 years
  • Consumer

    China: US$4.2 trillion annual retail sales growing at double digit
  • Healthcare

    China: 200 million aging population growing at annual addition of 10 million
  • Advanced Manufacturing

    China: US$3.6 trillion annual industry value added growing at high single digit
Our background
3C Partners is founded in 2007 by corporate finance professionals. We have extensive experience in investment banking, private equity fund, auditing and general management. Since inception, 3C Partners has been acting as transactional interim managers and on-call advisors for a handful of growth companies, pre-IPO companies, listed companies and private equities.
Our positioning
We view ourselves as a more flexible financial advisory partner in contrast to global investment banks and Big-4 corporate finance arms. We are willing to get our hands dirty and take full responsibility to ensure the success of our transactions.
Our team
Equipped with deep knowledge in consumer goods, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, cleantech and TMT, our team has a diversified background from investment bank, private equity and multinational corporation. 
Our differentiators
3C Partners is your reliable partner to originate, execute and close your transaction. We are proud of ourselves because we are featured with:
Deep involvement
We choose to go deep into the transaction as we deem it the most direct way to boost the likelihood of success. Our communications proficiency facilitates our conversation with people from different cultural background, personality and seniority so that we can identify and solve the inconspicuous but deep-rooted problems which might pose threats to the whole transaction.
Hitting the ground running
We are perfectly aware that time window is typically narrow for all transactions. Fortunately, no lead time or ramp up period is necessary when working with 3C Partners, as we are fast adapters to new business environment. We are seasoned in rapid diagnosis and problem-shooting and we excels in delivering results at a rate desired by our clients.
Unique experience
We have acted as transactional interim managers working with dozens of companies at different growth stage, from home and abroad, and across completely different sectors. Our tasks ranges from financing activities such as private placement, public offering, fundraising and delisting & privatization, to operation activities such as strategic planning, internal control and market entry. 

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